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Salt Lake City and its partners, including UTA, are studying options to construct a new mobility hub building in the North Temple area starting in 2024.

Mobility hubs are places where different travel options – walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility (like a bike share or scooter share) – come together.

Why does this matter?

They give you more transportation choices and make getting where you need to go easier.

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What are some key features of Mobility Hubs?

Mobility Hub Elements

In practice, mobility hubs are the sum of their parts. The services and amenities commonly considered in mobility hub planning include the following:

Mobility Hub Study

With your input, combined with analysis of the area, the City will identify a site that:

  • supports bus service and transportation connections,
  • reflects the community, and
  • provides opportunities for new, community-supportive development that adds value to nearby neighborhoods, beyond transportation.

What would you like to see from new investments in the North Temple area? How could a Mobility Hub improve your daily travel? Use this site to share your ideas.

Getting Involved

The Study has three phases of community input that will guide the process of selecting a potential mobility hub site and crafting a design:

  • Summer 2021: Understanding Needs and Setting Values
  • Fall 2021: Evaluating Options
  • Early 2022: Choosing Solutions

We are connecting with residents and businesses near the study area during each phase of engagement. This includes online resources and outreach tools, as well as specific efforts to reach community members we might not otherwise hear from. NeighborWorks Salt Lake is part of the team supporting the City’s engagement with:

  • a Community Advisory Committee comprised of neighborhood representatives, local businesses, nonprofits, and other community leaders; 
  • door-to-door conversations at apartment complexes with NeighborWorks YouthWorks team;
  • three in-person focus groups in December 2021 (one at Mestizo and two at Backman Elementary) with more planned; 
  • and ongoing online and virtual engagement, including surveys and a virtual town hall event in October 2021.

The mobility hub will likely be built in phases. The City hopes to create small improvements to the site soon after the study’s completion. Larger and more complex construction are expected to take several years, once the City has confirmed a development partner and financing plan.

Listening and Learning

What we have learned through community input to-date is summarized below. Click here for a more detailed summary of community input.

Overarching Themes:

  • Connection
  • Access
  • Opportunity

It is most important that the hub is…

  • Equitable
  • Healthy & Safe
  • Climate Resilient
  • Welcoming & Easy

The community wants…

  • Safe community gathering spaces
  • Family-oriented/youth-focused community amenities
  • Support for local business owners, such as with small popup/rotating uses and/or businesses
  • A new destination for neighborhoods and a place where both local residents and visitors would want to spend time

This project will need to…

  • Provide more to the community than a simple surface parking lot for bus storage
  • Overcome distrust of intentions and concerns about gentrification and displacement
  • Showcase Westside culture

“We don’t want this space to be only about the buses, we want it to be about people.”
Westside resident

“We want a communication hub where you happen to catch the bus.”
Westside resident

At North Temple Mobility Hub focus groups, participants played a “game” using a blank board and “game pieces” to create their own Mobility Hub showing features and elements that are most important to them.

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